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The Aacharya Events that launched on October 2, 2019 aimed at bringing out the latent talents in the young minds through organizing competitions and contests round the clock. Also, this platform organizes hands on workshops for students at various levels (School students to PG students) to enhance their practical exposure and skills to meet the industry needs. To encourage the researchers aacharya organizies conferences at national and international level.

Aacharya's international webinar series

Reinforce your knowledge with Aacharya's expert talk

How Aacharya works for student

Select the course and location

Select the required course from the AACHARYA’s wide category and select the preferred location

Search and Select Teacher/Trainer

Search and select the Teacher/Trainer listed for the required course at your preferred location. AACHARYA will provide well qualified and verified Teachers and Trainers only.

Book appointment

Book appointment with the preferred Teacher or Trainer in their available slots. AACHARYA will provide the contact details and connects within 24 hours.

Join as Teacher/Trainer, share knowledge with the needy students in your free time and earn to maximum.

Join as a Teacher / Trainer

Why Student choose Aacharya?

Aacharya is an online search platform where a student can search subject experts for more than 25,000 courses related to curriculum from KG to PG and book appointment with the expert very nearby.

Aacharya also provide experts for 1000+ professional courses that can make student industry ready.

Aacharya verifies the qualification of experts and only the qualified experts are listed in the portal.

Aacharya monitors the services of experts during their session with student and ensures the quality of knowledge.

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