Aacharya is an online search platform that connects a student with a qualified and expert teacher nearby for knowledge enhancement in a particular stream/area/subject. It also introduces various people who are experts in a particular field of study.

The Need for Creating an Online Platform:

Student’s Need

There are many instances where the students are getting access to inferior sources of knowledge such as

  • Many schools/colleges are running short of faculty
  • Many schools/colleges are running with less qualified teachers
  • Many schools/colleges are running with low infrastructure or facilities.

Under these circumstances, the students are getting inferior knowledge during their stay in the institutes.

It is very important for a student to get ample knowledge by the end of schooling/graduation, to get ready for the next stage of life, without any gaps in the teaching-learning process.

Faculty’s Need

  • There are cases where the teacher is not paid for the skills/knowledge that he/she possesses.
  • There are cases where the teacher is not paid for the qualification that he has.
  • There are cases where the teacher is not paid regularly by many private schools/colleges/institutions due to shortage of funds.
  • There are many people who are jobless, though they are qualified and skilled.

There is a definite need of a source that can generate income by sharing their knowledge and lead comfortable life.

Industry Need

Sometimes, the students have to learn the subject not only for examination but also for gaining full knowledge to meet the future requirements. Also there is a need for student to become industry ready with advanced subjects. It may not be possible to gain full knowledge of a subject and it is also impossible to meet industry requirements with the current curriculum.

One Step Solution To Student-teacher Need:

AACHARYA can make the needy students identify an expert teacher who is very nearby and can connect with each other on a payment base. This can solve the student’s need of finding a right teacher and teacher’s need of additional revenue by sharing of the knowledge he/she has. This online platform can introduce subject experts also to the students so as to become industry ready.

How Aacharya Works For Student?

  • Download the “AACHARYA” App or open the website – https://aacharya.net
  • Just sign up (or) create an account.
  • Enter and save your basic details and address/location.
  • Search for a subject.
  • Select the subject and location.
  • Choose a teacher from the displayed list.
  • Book the appointment and Aacharya will assign the teacher within 24hrs.
  • Student can opt tuition at his/her home or at teacher’s home or at Aacharya center.
  • After starting of tuition, the student can give feedback through a feedback link sent to him within 2days of commencement of tuition. The student can decline teacher services through this link if not satisfied with teaching.
  • A student can add list of “backlogs” in his/her dashboard and get notification when teacher is available at his location.

How Aacharya’s Student Subscription Works?

  • Get up to 50% flat discounts on all the subjects/courses or other services of Aacharya for one year
  • Avail discount on appointment booking charges
  • Student can add all his required subjects or services to his dashboard
  • Get notification whenever the slots for teachers nearby are free
  • Get notification about all the seasonal offers

How Aacharya Works For Teacher/trainer?

  • Download the “AACHARYA” App or open the website – https://aacharya.net
  • Sign up (or) create an account as first time user.
  • Complete the profile in few steps.
  • Select the subscription tariff and pay for registration.
  • Add the subjects in your area of expertise. The rates of each subject will be displayed directly while selecting the subject. The specified rate will be the minimum amount that teacher can get. However based on the demand the Aacharya will change the value of subjects and the teacher will get more revenue than displayed in website during demand times.
  • However based on the demand, the Aacharya will change the value of subjects and the teacher will get more revenue during demand times than displayed in website.
  • Adding the subjects that were taught number of times can give good feedback and result. This in turn improves your rating in website.
  • An “Aacharya Id” will be assigned after document verification and the same Id is displayed in website and app instead of displaying name and photo for the purpose of faculty privacy.
  • Teacher can select the slots beyond his/her availability after the regular job timings.
  • When the student book appointment in Aacharya, information will be sent to the teacher immediately for approval.
  • The fee to be paid by student will be decided by Aacharya team and the student will pay the specified amount directly to the teacher immediately after two classes if he is satisfied by teaching.
  • If the teacher declined the appointment for any reason, penalty amount equal to booking charges will be imposed to the teacher. Hence make sure that the slots mentioned are possible in every season.
  • Modifications in profile, slots, subjects etc. can be made at any time by mailing to Aacharya for approval.
  • The registration amount will be refunded completely if the teacher/ trainer refer 10 teachers/trainers and make them to register to Aacharya.
  • The teacher or trainer can get revenue not only through teaching/training with Aacharya but also through promoting the website to students and other community.